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Name: Randy "Ryo" Maclean
Canon: FAKE
Original or Alternate Universe: Original.
Canon Point: Post-series, but before the sequel (FAKE II).
Number: 064
Setting: The wikipedia page for the canon is here, but it's just New York City in the late 1990s.
History: While born and raised in a very loving home, Ryo ("Randy" by birth, though when Dee noticed some of his visible Japanese heritage, he began referring to him by his Japanese name, Ryo) lost both of his parents in a horrific incident when he was eighteen years old. A quiet, empathetic kid, Ryo subsequently moved in with his aunt and uncle and then, when he was old enough, out on his own to pursue a career as a police officer.

He, in short, worked his ass off. Ryo was regarded as a hard worker: polite, efficient, and dedicated to his job, he excelled at marksmanship. A bit on the shy and soft-spoken side, however, he made few real emotional ties in or out of work, preferring to leave work at the office and spend his holidays with the aunt and uncle that had taken him in when he had no one else.

This philosophy became impossible to continue subscribing to, though, when he was transferred to the 27th Precinct in NYC and partnered with Dee Laytner. Dee was most things that Ryo was not: loud, outspoken, and bold, and Ryo was often left perplexed and slightly frustrated at his inability to understand Dee’s intentions and thoughts. While Dee confused him, there was also something that inexplicably drew Ryo to him.

During their first real case together, Dee developed a habit for kissing him out of what seemed like nowhere, and while Ryo rarely actually stopped Dee or attempted to push him away, he also never took the initiative, either doubting Dee’s intentions or refusing to admit to himself what others might have seen as obvious. Ryo can be a tough as nails cop, but his softer side showed almost immediately when he began working with the 27th Precinct. One of his first cases involved protecting a kid witness, Bikky Goldman, a pre-teen with an attitude problem, penchant for getting himself into trouble, but a good heart deep down. When Bikky's father passed away, Ryo sees only one thing: a kid in trouble, and despite having little previous experience taking care of children, he steps in right away and takes the boy into his home. It's unclear at first as to whether or not he meant for this situation to be a permanent one, and while Ryo stumbles sometimes, he clearly has no qualms or regrets about becoming the boy's guardian.

Later, Dee and Ryo are assigned to the juvenile crimes department, where they meet another youth in trouble: a young girl and friend of Bikky's, Carol, is in a sticky situation. She is caught up in a web of thievery, trying to steal enough money to bail her dying father out of prison. She ends up trying to make a dangerous deal with a criminal to get the money that she needs. The police rescue her, and Ryo quietly uses money he had been saving up to free her dad from prison. Again, he does this without calm, complaint, or looking for recognition, which is something that I will touch up on again later in the personality section.

Ryo and Dee seem to have at this point fostered a pretty close relationship, both at work and out of it; when Ryo falls ill, Dee tidies his apartment and looks after him, and they vacation together in England. While it wasn't originally meant to be a "romantic getaway" like Dee keeps trying to make it out to be (he bribed Bikky to stay back in NYC so he could have Ryo to himself in the quaint little hotel they stay at), this vacation is actually a pretty big turning point for their relationship. They drink together on the balcony, and Dee is open about how much he cares about Ryo. Ryo, however, is as dense and unsure as always, distracted and waffling on how to voice feelings that he doesn't know how to define. There they meet the assistant inspector of the NYC police force, Berkeley Rose, who is at the hotel investigating a series of horrific murders against those with any Japanese heritage. Rose immediately takes a shining to Ryo, and while Ryo remains mostly oblivious, it still rankles the hell out of Dee.

The next few volumes of canon are mostly episodic, but reveal bits and pieces about the characters' motivations and histories. We learn that while Dee claims to hate children, he grew up in an orphanage and is incredibly fond of all the kids there. Diana Spacey - an attractive, friendly, and gregarious FBI agent - is introduced, and she quickly befriends the boys, trying to help them work out their mess of personal issues. Dee and Ryo grow closer and closer out of work, with Dee admitting several times that he earnestly cares for Ryo and that he wants to pursue some sort of relationship with him, but Ryo seems almost paralyzed by these advances, despite the fact that he occasionally returns the affection and that he rarely openly spurns it.

When Ryo is alone on Christmas - the first Christmas spent alone since the death of his parents - it's Dee that comes to him, and it's Dee's company that Ryo welcomes with open arms. When Dee falls sick, Ryo shows up to put him to bed, to take care of him. While often confused and slightly unnerved by his own budding and perplexing romantic feelings toward the other man, it remains clear that Ryo cares about him.

Much later, Ryo ends up facing Leo, the man that was behind the death of his parents. Shaken by the experience, he shows up at Dee's door, ultimately propositioning him for sex -- something that they had never done before. Dee, who admits to being almost tempted, is mostly just pissed off; he wants Ryo to be with him because he loves him, not because he needs to use him as an emotional crutch. Ryo cools off. The boys encounter Leo again later while guarding his wife, and Ryo learns a little bit more about this man's history, his life, his motivations. Ryo never fully forgives him, but he is able to empathize with him just a little bit.

During the case with Leo, Ryo and Dee open up to each other again, and consummate their baffling relationship with sex. Ryo remains a little distant about the entire ordeal, and is superficially very cavalier about the entire thing, though he is privately in a state of crisis. He has no idea how to handle himself in a relationship with Dee, has no idea what being in a relationship with him means, what that changes. It's finally after a conversation with Diana that he realizes how he's been stringing Dee along and how unfair it is to the other man that he's been unable to commit. Weeks after they consummate their relationship, Ryo asks Dee out, and then almost casually admits that he really is in love with him. This is where the series ends -- with them finally together, and promising each other that they'll be more honest from here on out.

Personality: Ryo is a first-class space cadet. He is calm, collected, and an incredibly compassionate individual, but he often has problems reading the people that are close to him, or even understanding himself and his own motivations. This had led to a lot of colleagues and friends remarking that he must be out in space somewhere, or that he often seems “out of it.” He would balk at Dee’s advances, but find himself inexplicably jealous when others made the move on his partner. Similarly, when kissed by Dee, he never really attempted to make the other man stop: when kissed by Diana or Rose, though, he reacted with simple surprise in the case of the former and reflexive anger in the latter, actually going as far to punch Rose to get him off of him.

Before transferring to the 27th precinct, Ryo was sort of a loner, though not for any single, definitive reason. While he made friends easily, he didn't often commit to or open himself up to close personal relationships. With the introduction of Dee, Bikky, and Carol (a young friend of Bikky’s whose life he had helped save on a case), Ryo found himself opening up more, happily embracing the companionship that they brought. He enjoys cooking dinner, spending time with the three of them, and while he often grumbles good-naturedly when they all end up piled in bed with him, there’s something about that closeness and human connection that he treasures. It's Christmas that really highlights this aspect of his personality. Completely oblivious to the fact that Dee had planned a date for them on Christmas (I'd like to take a moment here to point out that while this manga is set in New York City, the Japanse idea of Christmas being more of a romantic holiday bled over just a little bit here), he picked up an extra shift at work just so he wouldn't be alone. When that work shift fell through, he ended up home alone, wracked with loneliness. When Dee shows up, he is actually moved to tears. Though he occasionally takes pains to seem unruffled and aloof, this proves that this really isn't the case.

He is fastidious and neat, and often prefers to work with lists and plans instead of acting impulsively or shooting from the hip. Ryo turns his paperwork in on time, generally arrives at work ten minutes early, and tries to push healthy breakfasts on to Bikky, even if the young boy balks. He isn’t chafed by his responsibilities or duties, and calmly anticipates and accepts the danger that comes with being in the police force in NYC; he is simply glad that he is doing everything he can to make the city a better, safer place. Ryo does this because he is a genuinely good person. The work he does isn't for reward or personal gain -- as an example, please refer back to the way that he uses all of his saved money to help Carol, a young girl that he barely knew at that point, bail her dying father out of jail. He didn't advertise the fact that he was doing this, nor did he look to anyone for a pat on the back for it. Looking after people is second nature to Ryo. His firm and sincere personality acts as a nice foil to Dee's impulsive and almost abrasive one; Ryo is much more willing to take a breath and approach things with a soft hand and open mind.

While he is a good cop and does his best to defer to authority and follow the rules to a ‘t’, he is human, and given to acts powered by strong emotion. And, as compassionate and caring as he might be, he also isn’t a push-over: he does his best to discipline Bikky without being too harsh (and shout at Dee whenever he does something that rubs him the absolute wrong way), but it seems like these two are the only ones who are ever able to actually get an angry rise out of him. When push comes to shove, he is willing to stand up for what he believes in. As a cop, he is brave and unrelenting, pushing through a bout of illness once to work when his skills as a sharpshooter were needed. He also isn't just a bleeding heart marshmallow - he has a bit of an amused, sarcastic side, too, making the occasional one-off comment like "His days are numbered. He's practically got 'shoot me' written on his forehead," and joking that he's considered "putting Dee down" a few times when asked if he'd turn his gun on him.

In short, Ryo is a good man who wears his earnest friendliness on his sleeve. He is a hard-working and diligent man, though better at dealing with other people's problems - especially the emotional sort - than his own. He is willing to put himself out there for others, and never looks for congratulations or recognition.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: Ryo is a plain, vanilla human. He is an excellent sharpshooter, however, and does canonly have the ability to build rudimentary bombs. He is physically fit, agile, and quick, but nothing extraordinary.

Inventory: A small handgun, holster, his reading glasses, and his NYPD police badge.
Appearance: Ryo is tall, leanly muscled, with light chestnut hair. He is also very much just a human dude.

Age: 30

AU Clarification: N/A

Log Sample: Blam. Blam. Blam.

There was something soothing about the musky smell of the shooting range, something comforting about the weight of the gun in his hands as he leveled it at the target and shot it out. He was a good shot. He didn’t need the practice.

Ryo reached up to secure his protective headgear, before aiming the gun at the target again.


Dee had almost been shot again today. Not that this was remarkable: “I was almost shot today” was a sentiment so often expressed that it was typically met with a whistle and laughter instead of concern (or maybe that’s just how Ryo felt: maybe the laughter was all he heard at this point.) They were cops. It was part of the job.

High risk, high reward. They put themselves on the line to help the people who couldn’t help themselves, and Ryo knew that he was the one almost-shot, nearly-stabbed as often as Dee was. So why was he so upset about it?

’Just not the bastard’s lucky day,’ Dee had remarked as he slammed the assailant against the alley wall and cuffed him. Maybe it was the cavalier attitude toward the entire ordeal that was doing it. The fact that Dee didn’t seem to care. Ryo knew that his partner held his own life in high regard: why was that so hard to reconcile with his carefree countenance?

Blam. Blam. Click.

Ryo sighed and lowered the emptied gun, shaking his head and holstering it. He was looking too far into things. Dee was his partner first, his friend second: as long as he was doing his job, it wasn’t his responsibility to look after him, to babysit him. It was only natural to care so much about the people that you spent so much time around, right?

That’s what he would tell himself, at least, as he pulled the headgear off and went to collect the rest of his things. Introspection was dangerous when it came to Dee, because Ryo always had the feeling that he was on the verge of uncovering something that he was scared to admit, even to himself.

Comms Sample: [ It's clear that Ryo is just a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of recording himself, of broadcasting himself across the comms at all, but for all of his vague fidgeting? There's still a smile on his face, a sincere look of friendliness on his face as he squints slightly at the camera. ]

It takes a little while to get used to, doesn't it?

[ Mildly embarrassed, here, and Ryo shakes his head, as if dismissing what he just said. ]

I can't be the only one, can I? I'm always a little surprised when I wake up here. Somehow I convince myself every morning that it's just a dream, but it's looking more and more like that's not the case.

[ He grins a little lopsidedly, still sheepish. ]

So tell me about yourselves. If we're going to be in such close quarters -- and it really looks like we are, huh? -- we might as well start getting to know each other, right?