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[ it's maybe ten PM at the latest, and most bars in NYC are barely just starting to get crowded - but, in ryo's defense, he doesn't typically spend a lot of time in that scene.

so he'll text, which is maybe slightly anachronistic, but shhh. ]


[ which is maybe the only text he's ever sent without punctuation, but hey, cut him some slack here. he's trying Really Hard. ]
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[Slightly anachronistic, but we can go with the times and let's not even think about what that would mean for Dee's instagram account.

But he gets an unscheduled text from his partner and while all it is lacking is a little dot, that little dot might still be significant.]

Everything okay?
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you can say whatever you want, ryo

[He almost adds 'baby', but then thinks better of it. No need to ruin this right away, he's sure he'll find a way soon enough.

But this seems harmless enough now, no secret code that might make him think that something more serious is going on, just Ryo texting him for some reason, out of the blue. Which, honestly?

It's really nice.]

what's up?
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[It's okay, Ryo, they can work on getting him licensed to handle the space bar in a few years. For now he just hopes Ryo doesn't carry a gun.]

sounds like she did a good job

happy birthday ;)

[He knows it's not for two weeks, he keeps better track of Ryo's important dates than of his own, that's just how it works.]

celebrating without me?

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[It's ten pm, Ryo. His nightlife might have died down since the early twenties and even more since, well. Since Ryo, because what he's looking for can no longer be found anywhere but with him, but he still has a television and beer and no reason to go to bed before twelve.]

yeah? you shouldve asked me to come out, id always come out for you

drink a lot? lightweight

dont let anyone pick you up
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[Say what.]


[Luckily, Dee remembers that he's supposed to be smooth and does not send that. Cool, play it cool.]

then why aren't you over yet? dont want you to get lost
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[Dee is by the door in moments, opening it to let Ryo into his very minimalistic place. Very much a bachelor pad and probably destined to remain so, since his only motivation to change it would be moving. Moving somewhere with Ryo.

Seemed like he was going to live the bachelor life for a while longer. Giant couch, lots of beer bottles, posters on the wall and a big television. Empty apartment that focused mostly on the parts of Dee the casual observer knew.

Not so much the ones that had him offer an arm to Ryo now.]

Diane's done a real number on you, eh?
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Rude, yeah. Especially when you do it without your partner.

[Flushed and with his eyes a bit unfocused but that smile on his face, Ryo looks beautiful, as per usual. Dee focuses less on that and more on getting him to sit down on the couch, leaning down over him with a hand on the backrest, arching his eyebrows.]

Ya realise I'd have been there if you'd given me a heads up?
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Sure do, partner. I read between the lines.

[Cute. That's it, all Ryo always is and does to him and then he has to also be an adorable drunk on top of it all.

No fair.]
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[Dee lets out a chuckle finally and leans forward, but only to end up leaning his foreheads against Ryo's.]

Don't ya do that to me when you're just gonna deny it all tomorrow. I only got the one heard and it's already set on you.
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I wouldn't wanna imagine that.

[What he wants to do is close his eyes, focus on the feeling of Ryo's fingertips and pretend that this is what he gets every day.

What he wants to do is wake up to Ryo smiling at him like this.]

Much nicer, doing it with ya.
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[Yes, good.

Wait, no. Bad. Dee turns his head to the side, then ends up lowering it so he can lean it against Ryo's shoulder instead, finally sitting down on the couch next to him. The hardest thing he's ever had to do and he keeps having to do it.]

If this was just about sex, I'd be kissing you now.

God, Ryo. Why do you do this to me?
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That's what every guy wants to hear.

[What he wants is more of the feeling of Ryo touching him the way he's touching his scalp. He feels as if he could just melt against him. It's been a while since he's had a lot in the way of affectionate touching, a downside to his lifestyle change.]

Say please and I'll get you some.
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[Oh, good. Great idea, Dee, make him beg, that was sure to help his issue.

Dee's groan thankfully ends up more frustrated than aroused and then he gets up, his skin cold where Ryo's warmth had just been.]

Stay here, yeah?

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