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[ it's maybe ten PM at the latest, and most bars in NYC are barely just starting to get crowded - but, in ryo's defense, he doesn't typically spend a lot of time in that scene.

so he'll text, which is maybe slightly anachronistic, but shhh. ]


[ which is maybe the only text he's ever sent without punctuation, but hey, cut him some slack here. he's trying Really Hard. ]
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You are perfectly fine at them, you just mess it up when you remember that you're too hung up on your principles to actually be in one.

[Dee huffs, not surprised at the turn this takes. Same old, even with a drunk Ryo.]

People like us? People like what? Tell me what you think we're like, Ryo.
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Wait a minute.

[He can't even wrap his mind around that and he's doing what he can to keep his heart out of it, because that doubt it painful. Painful, because he feels for Ryo, who can't trust that he is loved.

Painful, because what else is he supposed to do? What else can he say?]

Is this about me being bi?
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Look, Ryo.

[Drunk and no self-esteem and he has no idea how to break through that. Keep things simple, he supposes.

He reaches out to cup Ryo's face, turning his head so he can catch his eyes. Leaning forward so they are close, making sure he has his attention.]

I only want to be with you.

[Plain simple English, bold and straight-forward, utterly honest as ever. Dee never holds back.]
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He knows he shouldn't, but he's only a man and he's weak. He can't help it. All he wants and that sound and then a kiss and, yes, he kisses back.

Can he really be blamed?

Probably yes. Especially by Ryo come morning and definitely by himself too. So while once he might have enthusiastically read into this and been all over him, he knows better now and so their kiss ends and Dee rests his forehead against Ryo's shoulder.]

Damn it, Ryo.
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Good to know.

[Is it? At this point he isn't even sure of that. Dee is used to being confident to the point of being full of himself, but in many ways Ryo had knocked him back from that. Mixed signals is an understatement and even as he enjoy the fingers in his hair, he doesn't want to push for more, however gently.

He knows it would have to come down to an ultimatum eventually, there's only so much of this he can handle.]

I dunno if you do though. Don't know if you want anything 'really'.
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Nobody can take Bikky from you. You are a good dad. You're a good cop. You're the best damn partner I've ever had, the best damn partner I could wish for.

[He's aware of Ryo not being perfect, not at any of these things, but that is just it, isn't it? They are better together than alone. They help balance out each other's shortcomings. They have done this from the very start.]

I'd walk through fire for you, partner. You ain't getting rid of me no matter what.

Even if you don't want me.
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But you don't, Ryo.

[Look, it's his pride at stake and he can admit this. He covers Ryo's mouth with his hand before he can protest, elaborating.]

Look, I know you like me and sometimes you like the idea, especially when you're letting your guard down for whatever reason and of course you want my body, I mean, who doesn't?

[He lets go of Ryo's mouth in favour of flexing with a cocky grin, but then his arms drop and he looks serious.]

You don't wanna take me on for real. And I dunno if you'll ever want to.
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Oh yeah. So fast.

[He'll admit, yeah, at the beginning. Although that is still a bit much coming from the man who adopted the first kid he met on the first day of work and who let Dee and said kid sleep in his bed.

Mixed signals from the start, even when Dee was going too fast.

Now it's been years. Frustrating years. Fast? Snail's pace.]

I can behave.

[Behave like himself.]

But can you still admit to wanting to try a movie when you're sober?
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['I get that you're drunk and make absolutely no sense whatsoever and instead sound mildly insane.' probably wasn't what Ryo needed to hear right now, so Dee didn't say it, instead he leaned back to look at Ryo and to try and make sense of what he was saying.]

I think you stopped seeing yourself a good while ago, because whoever you keep talking about doesn't sound much like the you I know.

Maybe you should stop hiding who you are. Got that?
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Ain't gonna happen. I got great taste, don't ya know that?

[Dee watches Ryo, but doesn't reach out just yet, because he knows this has gotten intense and is far more than Ryo bargained for by now.]

I love who you are.
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[It's too good to be true and it doesn't feel real. Ryo is drunk and Dee expects a change of tune once he's sober. But in spite of that, for now, he wraps his arms around him. Hand in his hair, combing through it. He notes the wetness in his eyes and leans in to kiss the corner of his mouth.]

You're my partner, Ryo. Means I take care of you. Your hear too.
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You do take care of me.

[He might have said more, but then there's kissing happening and by this point he is done resisting. What happens tomorrow will happen and for now he has the man he loves in his arms and has him saying all the right things. His resolve is stronger than he gives himself credit for, but it definitely isn't strong enough for this.]

I know. I'm safe with you.
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There won't ever be a last time for that, Ryo. Not as long as I can breathe.

[Perhaps a dramatic statement, but it's a true one and he means it. He always means what he says. He always feels it. And so he doesn't hesitate with saying it now either.]

I love you.

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